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Sarah Cerkez: An Exotic Bosnian Beauty

By Club Fashionista

Posted about 6 years ago

Interview by Amra Beganovich

The first time I saw Sarah Cerkez was on New Years Eve in Sarajevo at Hotel Europa. This striking woman was celebrating with her group of friends looking “oh so effortlessly gorgeous” and radiating with positive energy. Her beauty is one of those rare types that you don’t see much in the modeling world. She is a brunette with deep brown hair, paleish skin, and piercing green eyes.  Her style is also unique in the sense that she does not look like an ordinary model: she combines both casual/formal pieces and makes them look amazingly chic. Sarah’s beauty and unique personality has not gone unnoticed in the fashion industry. She has just become the face of Dolce & Gabanna’s new swimwear line. Sarah has also been featured in Maxim magazine and has been the face of many campaigns  throughout Europe.

AB: Can you tell me more about your decision to leave Bosnia and move to Milano? How has your move to Milano changed your life? 

AB: What has been your experience with the modeling industry? Can you tell us more about the “highs and the lows” of the fashion world? 

SC: From the very beginning, I was lucky to have met the right people with good intentions. I have not had any negative experience that many models often talk about and I am very greatful for that. I am currently being represented by one of the most prestigious agencies, Women Management, in Paris and Milan. Also, this can be a very exhausting job because you work sometime from dusk until dawn, multiple jobs, without a break, and you have to neglect some parts of your personal life and completely dedicate yourself to what you are doing. Agents, bookers, and clients are the ones that decide on your schedule, and you tend to spend most of your time alone sometimes feeling quite lonely. 

AB: I am a big supporter of healthy living and I have noticed that you too love to work out! Can you share with us more about your fitness routine and healthy eating? 

SC: Since my childhood, I learned to take care of myself: my body and my health. I have never smoked, and have never consumed large amounts of alchohol and not to mention drugs. I practice a very calm and stable life: I sleep a lot and try to spend as much time as possible outside and in nature. I choose carefully what I eat, and I like homemade cooking the most. I also prefer produce that has been grown in “my garden” because this is when I am the most sure that there were no pesticides or chemicals used. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, grains, and enjoy fish and meat. I try to stay away from too many carbohydrates. I love sushi and Asian cuisine and I like to eat smaller portions throughout the day without stuffing myself. My biggest vice is chocolate and sweets, which I enjoy very much, but try to eat as few as possible. 

I go to the gym almost everyday. For one period, I have also employed a personal trainer so that I understand the types of exercises that I should be doing. I like to run, and you can see me many times in the park in my tracksuits as I am exercising. I love to bike; once in a while, I meet with friends to do from 50 to 80 km bike-tour. I enjoy swimming, sking, and long walks in the nature. All of this has influenced my looks and has given me the ability to provide advice for my friends on healthy eating, living, and exercise. 

AB: Your style seems to be very practical and chic. Many girls feel that in order to look their best they need to go overboard with makeup, accessories, and clothes. Can you share with us your tips on dressing when roaming around the city, going to parties, and going to fashion week? 

SC: My advice is that you should always be yourself and simple. In my private life, I don’t like to overdo anything and I always stick to the philosophy “less is more.” 

My daytime look is always simple and casual: flat shoes, with very little or no makeup. On the other hand, when I go out I love to dress up and always wear high-heeled shoes and choose elegant combinations and understated jewelry.

 As far as the fashion week goes, I have never attended fashion shows as a guest. I am always there working and in the backstage. During that time, I like to wear loose clothing that is also warm and comfortable. 

AB: Your profession requires you to travel often and you have visited some of the most beautiful places in the world. Can you share with me your favorite spots to travel and what makes these places unique for you?

 I enjoy Paris the most, and I am completely in love with this city. I have lived there six months last year, and this period was the most amazing time in my life. I spent my free time reading books, roaming the parks around the Eifel tower, and enjoying long walks around Monmartre. I would eat crepes in St. Michel and would drink black tea in some old-small bar near the Seine River.

 Also, I was impressed with Barcelona and Madrid; but I would still choose to live in Alicante, which is a small city in the south of Spain. This would be my favorite place to retire with my husband and grandchildren.

 I have also spent one month in Africa, specifically in Madagascar. This experience has left a lasting impression on me. The people there live without basic amenities in their life like electricity, clean water, and food. Surprisingly, the aforementioned people manage to get along exceptionally well and be happy. This is when I realized that for happiness you do not need wealth and power. Instead, you need love, friendships, and little things that make our lives everyday special and beautiful.

AB. Finally, you and I both come from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We both are in love with the beauty of our country and our city. We travel there very often. Can you share what makes Sarajevo special and what spots you recommend for our readers to visit? 

SC: Sarajevo is my hometown and my first love. I never forget where I come from. No matter where I go, I dream about my city and coming back home. I believe that everyone should eat “Cevape” and “Pies” in Bascarsija, drink “salep” and eat a cake in Slatko Cose, walk in Ferhadija street, and visit small shops in Saraci.

 I also believe that once in Sarajevo, you should take a moment to enjoy some old rock band, watch the locally produced movies, and visit the city’s theater (Narodono Pozoriste). Also, be sure to spend a weekend on mountains Bijelasnica and Jahorina, and take a walk in Vrelo Bosne, or just enjoy the spectacular view of the city from Vidikovac.  Also, I wish to visit some central parts of the country and enjoy all the breathtaking beauty that this unique country offers. 

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