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Life on the Go: My Favorite Apps

By Elma Beganovic

Posted over 4 years ago

Now that our life has switched to mobile, I am always on the lookout for great apps that will make my life easier. Living in New York City can quickly become hectic and chaotic, so your mobile helps with anything from Google maps for finding your way around to Yelp for finding great neighborhood restaurants. Also, before I continue, I must alert you that after trying HTC’s new HTC One A9 phone, its camera is exceptional, and I am hooked. I love the layout, the screen and the resolution (more details here.). Thus, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite apps:

1. Class Pass: to stay fit, this app is incredible. It allows you to book classes throughout different studios in the city. Thus, it makes it easy to switch from a yoga to a kickboxing studio.

2. Yelp: before walking into any restaurant, I will check it out on Yelp since I’ve had some mediocre (to say the least) experiences after burning a whole in my wallet.

3. OpenTable: with so many meetings and so little time, I love using OpenTable to quickly check out whether a restaurant is booked and heading over there for a lunch or dinner meeting. It’s a huge time saver,and it allows me to quickly get to my favorite restaurants without being turned away at the door because of the crowds.

4. FaceTune: as everyone who has been following my journey knows, I take a lot of photos. One of the amazing photo editing apps I use is FaceTune. It is easy to smooth over flaws and accentuate your attributes, all with a swipe of your finger.

5. VSCO: another one of my favorite photo editing apps is VSCO. It has amazing filters, and I would suggest buying all of them. Play around with each and every one of them, and see which one fits your personal style.

There you have it, my favorite apps, which currently make my life so much easier. This is all courtesy of the new HTC One A9 whose amazing resolution and photo taking abilities helps me capture some of my life’s journey. Until next time, xoxo from the Big Apple!

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