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INTERVIEW with the "IT" Fashionista: Martina Saira

By Club Fashionista

Posted about 5 years ago

I am sure that after watching the cult TV series Sex and the City, you may have been envious--admit it at least a little bit! You may have thought that the life of Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of her crew was a tad bit unrealistic. For example, they have very successful careers; are invited to the "it" fashion shows, events and parties in the big apple; are overwhelmed with phone calls from cute and interesting men; and always wore the super expensive designer clothes and shoes. I must admit, I was a tiny bit envious! 

Recently, I met a lady who is living in real life her Sex and the City fairytale; her name is Martina Saira. She is the director of telecommunications for the SEE, she writes a fashion column for a lifestyle magazine, and is happily married. In sum, Martina is successful, fabulous and beautiful! Immediately, I demanded an interview; thus, here you have it, an exclusive interview with a local celebrity Martina Saira for Club Fashionista!

When I asked her who is Martina Saira, her reply: I am two different people. Privately, I am a wife and a friend; I am smiling, loving life and fashion. Publicly, I am a director ("the boss"), a fashion column editor, and a dreamer of owning my own fashion brand. Overall, I like challenges and am a dynamic person.

Nerina for Club Fashionista: So, you work in an office, track trends, write for a lifestyle magazine, have your own fashion blog and are a wife, how do you find time to do it all? 

Martina Saira: Simply, if you love your job and if you do not mind working overtime, my schedule is possible. The results of my effort are rewarding and makes my long work hours worthwhile. Also, I developed tremendous working habits from an early age, and your work ethic is part of your success formula. Moreover, I think sometimes I have an excess amount of energy that helps to carry me throughout the day. 

Nerina for Club Fashionista: Also, I know you are an excellent skier; you repeatedly won first place at many international competitions in skiing. Which sports do you take on in the summer?

Martina Saira: True, skiing is a fulfilling sport. From an early age, I have been faithful to the mountains because of the tremendous benefit I receive from their landscape, e.g., the greenery, the fresh air, and the snow. Also, skiing is special because this is a time, where I can turn off all the buzzing thoughts in my head; I escape from everyday life; and my adrenaline rush kicks in as I pick up the fast pace on my skis. My love for sports comes from a belief that to be a good manager, you have to be well organized, which includes not only in your work but in your personal life as well. Thus, I make sure that I take care of my physical health. When not skiing, I hike on the gorgeous mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovia. The end goal is to keep in great physical shape and maintain strong muscles.

Nerina for Club Fashionista: During the Sarajevo Film Festival ("SFF") this summer, I remarked that everyday you were glowing; you were wearing original and customized clothing. Were they made specifically for you by local fashion designers? 

Martina Saira: Yes, during the SFF, I wore pieces exclusively tailored for me by Bosnian fashion designers. We launched an initiative with Modamo Info to support local fahion designers by wearing their latest "it" pieces. The pieces were designed specifically for SFF and its red carpet. It was my honor to support local Bosnian fashion designers because the quality of their clothing can easily be compared with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. SFF has set amazing trend standards, which we see and follow! I was only a small part of the story that was supposed to show that the fashion boundaries can be moved.

Nerina for Club Fashionista: You wore high-end designer shoes during the SFF. Do you have a favorite pair that you wore? 

Martina Saira: All of my shoes are almost equally dear to me. Each pair characterizes a specific fashion trend or fashion era. Each shoe trend conveys a significant story for me.

Nerina for Club Fashionista: What is your attitude towards  make-up? On most of the photos in print and Internet media, it is evident that you prefer a natural and a nude look. Can you share some of your beauty tips with our readers?

Martina Saira: A natural and a nude look is always "in," and you can never go wrong with this choice. My advice is to find a signature makeup piece that makes you stand out. Let this signature piece be what distinguishes your own brand. The most important part is whatever you chose, be yourself. My beauty tip: try a MAC lipstick with a natural look. Another beauty tip: laugh as much as possible; even the wrinkles when you smile are attractive!

Nerina for Club Fashionista: Please reveal a few secrets to having a great sense of style? Does having good style mean you have to buy expensive and high quality clothing and striking jewelry? 

Martina Saira: Style is something you cannot learn; you have it or you do not. Of course, there are trends, stylists and designers you can follow for fashion advice. I believe that the secret to an amazing outfit is the courage to put something together in its own unique way, i.e. innovate. Another fashion tip: pick high quality fabrics because they last for a long time! 

Nerina for Club Fashionista: Where did you last shop and what are your must have pieces for the fall? 

Martina Saira: For my last shopping spree, I went to Milan, where I picked up a pair of Chloe boots for the fall. Moreover, currently, I am working on a new winter dress with designer Amna Kunovac Zekic; our goal for my dress: a fairytale comes to life. 

Nerina for Club Fashionista: Martina, please share with us a photo of the final product, we cannot wait! 

Nerina for Club Fashionista: Could you for all the readers of Club fashionista show us photos with a few, especially dear to you, outfits, e.g., business style, night out, red carpet, and everyday chores?

Martina Saira: Of course!

Nerina for Club Fashionista: What is your "wish list " for the fall season? 

Martina Saira: A great "oversized" (XXL) coat and some new trendy accessories!

Nerina for Club Fashionista: Fashionistas, this about wraps up our time with the fabulous Martina Saira, whose priority remains her family and then her work and fashion obligations. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Martina! Martina, thank you for the time you set aside for this Club Fashionista interview and shared with us some of your most memorable fashion moments. On behalf of the global CF Team, I want to thank you once more, and we wish you a lot of personal and business success in your future. Keep on smiling, and we look forward to keeping up with you and your fashion escapades all around the world!

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