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How to Style Your Workout Gear into Everyday Chic

By Elma Beganovic

Posted almost 5 years ago

I am often asked how to style your workout gear into everyday chic, so I wanted to share with you some style tips. And to answer that grueling question: yes, it is possible to be comfortable in your workout clothes while still retaining your style. One of the reasons we pick the clothes we wear is to make us feeling good about ourselves (and I am paraphrasing Mr. Giorgio Armani, whom not only is a style guru but an incredible businessman).

It is very important to note that I’ve transferred over my workouts into my everyday lifestyle, i.e., it is not about crash dieting or going on sporadic workout binges but about patiently and consistently incorporating a healthy diet and a workout routine into your everyday lifestyle. For instance, I have combined (along with a healthy diet) cross fit workouts, rowing, barre, and running into my weekly workout routines.

Of course, I want to feel good while working-up a sweat. And recently, I discovered a chic workout boutique Splits 59, their items are really amazing for working out or even wearing everyday. Their workout pieces are sleek, modern and have incredible detail. For instance, I found these beautiful lilac capri tights with sheer mesh and this metallic black tank. Amra picked out a few goodies too to enhance the feel of her workout routine, her favorite the black kym noir tights with sheer mesh. Below, you will see Amra doing some yoga on a rooftop overlooking New York City and me relaxing in a garden in my chic everyday workout gear. In terms of styling—style your workout clothes like your everyday wardrobe: picking-out one piece that just stands out, it is uniquely different. It is all about the details; for instance, I loved Splits 59 black kym noir tights because of the sheer mesh right above the knee and the sleek snake print (imitation of course, we are very animal friendly here!) details.

In sum, it is about finding the right pieces with details that are just different, whether it would be buttons, zippers or sheer mesh like on the lilac capri tights. Lastly, the most important aspect is to find workout pieces that you can not only wear day in and day out but also feel good in. Until next time, with love, namaste.

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