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Fashion Trends: How To Wear Your Favorite Hat

By Kati Miller

Posted about 6 years ago

Tis’ the season for hats! So…how can we make ourselves effortlessly chic with hats as accessories this fall and winter? The golden rules are to choose one that is in the same color scheme and dress code as the rest of your outfit. Below is a list of popular lids, according to the latest fashion trends, and the types of outfits to pair them with...

1. Structured Hats

These have been seen the most and are definitely the most versatile; they can be paired with literally everything from a gorgeous gown to jeans and a tee! Go crazy with this fashion trend, just remember the golden rules!

2. Beanies

Believe it or not, this is where you can get creative; beanies are not just for a super casual look anymore! You can dress it up for a funky boho vibe, pair it with a structured jacket and skinnies, or keep it classic with the 90’s grunge look.

3. Cloche

I have to say, this is my favorite type of hat just because they are so darn adorable but, in my opinion, hard to pair with outfits…but it doesn’t have to be! Granted, they go well with chic ensembles but as you can see above, Blake Lively is wearing flats, skinnies, and a basic cardigan with a scarf.

4. Floppy

These are so fun, aren’t they? They go really, really well casual and boho inspired outfits but they also have the capability to be paired with nicer outfits.

Our Club Fashionista girl Amra in her favorite floppy hat

5. Beach

You don’t have to be at a beach, or even near one, to rock one of these hats! It’s probably a good idea to pair this type of sun shade with either a full out beach outfit or a nicer look…but it doesn’t have to be red carpet status! Even a casual maxi dress would be a perfect choice.

6. Wild and Unusual

Who better to dedicate this type of hat to than Kate Middleton? She’s the princess of hats (behind the Queen, of course)! This type is obviously made to be worn at nice events but you could also don one for a wedding or funeral, at a trendy art opening, or even out to brunch at a fancy outdoor restaurant with friends.

If you are a huge fan of chic hats like me, here are more glamorous and everyday hat looks for ALL seasons. Now that you’re equipped with the golden hat knowledge, dust off all those cute hats you have in the back of your closet and rock this fashion trend like nobody’s business! Until next time, xoxo. Signing-off from Las Vegas! 

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