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Cozy Fall Sweaters & Knits

By Elma Beganovic

Posted almost 5 years ago

One of my favorite seasons is the fall as the leaves start turning into a beautiful array of colors from dark red to plantation brown, the pumpkin spice latte feels just right on a breezy fall morning, and bundling-up in cozy fall knits keep me warm throughout the day. On this beautiful fall day, I had the pleasure of helping a non-profit, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, which helps provide vet care and find a forever home for the abused and neglected dogs, and dogs in high kill shelters. We had a photo shoot with three angels–Laney (a young pit-bull, up for adoption now!), Odin (an adopted baby Shepard mix) and Chloe (an adopted pit-bull pup.).

After the photo shoot, we ventured out to Central Park, where my Odd Molly thick-wool sweater with crochet trimmings was just perfect. I did not need a jacket but instead bundled-up in this beautiful fringe sweater as the sunset was nearing. I would suggest whenever shopping for knits to check the materials they are made of. Realize that with wool and even cashmere, you will need to wear a fitted t-shirt or bodysuit to avoid the prickly feeling on your skin. This is especially common for us who live in the city–we do not always make sure that we have enough layers on.

Hope you soak in the still pleasant weather, the cool morning autumn breeze, and the pumpkin spice pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple scents. Until next time, from New York with love! (Outfit details: deep v-neck t-shirt from Zara; jeans by Lucky, fringe wool sweater by the cozy Swedish brand Odd Molly, vintage handbag by Salvatore Ferragamo, and boots by Dr. Marten.)

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