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Confessions of a Warrior Super Top Model

By Club Fashionista

Posted almost 6 years ago

I am really excited about sharing with all of my readers this interview with one of the best Spanish-international top models. I met her a few years ago at Madrid Fashion Week, I was so happy about this interview because I think she is a really interesting person, not just in the fashion world but also in the everyday real world. I thought that she was perfect for the first "interview-post" on our Club Fashionista blog.

We had an amazing time during lunch and our casual coffee break in Starbucks!!! In my life, on the one hand, I have met too many fashion world people, who are really obsessed with their weight; Marina, on the other hand, as I saw first-hand does eat and drink just like the rest of us.  I have fallen in love with her sweetness, her way of thinking,  and her cleverness. Here is our conversation:

Aless G.: Let's look back at how you started modeling, in another words, tell me about how you were discovered?

Marina Jamieson in Madame Magazine

Marina: At the age of eleven, my father's friend suggested that I begin modeling. Two years later, I gave it a chance and by then already twelve agencies were interested in me. It was in Elite Chicago, at the age of thirteen, when I did my first fashion campaign: it was for Abercrombie Kids, the one with Bruce Weber in Miami. Then, I moved to NY and I did some fashion shows. Later I was pictured in the Seventeen magazine. Afterwards, I took a break (from 16-17) to study. I graduated new Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois.  

After completing high school, I moved to Spain. I started to work with Traffic Models. I traveled to  Milano, London, Paris, Tokyo, Australia, NY, and L.A.!!! I Lived in Milano for a  few months and did some campaigns for Trussardi Jeans, Fay, Just Cavalli, etc. Then, I moved to London for 18 months and did many different fashion weeks (e.g., Paul Smith) and traveled around Europe. After my European tour, there came so many HUGE shows and campaigns; for example, I worked with Kate Moss in her Collection for Top Shop, Dolce & Gabbana, Diane Von Furstenberg. Wow, I can't remember all of it; so many things happened during these years. EVERYTHING I HAVE IN MY LIFE IS BECAUSE I HAVE WORKED HARD TO EARN IT!"

Aless G.: What do you do on the backstage of a fashion show while you are waiting to walk the runway?

Marina: I have fun, laugh, take pictures, I am just myself, I enjoy the moment...I listen to cool music to motivate me before the runway and put me in a cool mood.

Aless G.: Just out of curiosity, what did you buy with the money you earned from your first modeling job?

Marina: I bought a bag from Max Mara; it is my lucky charm.

Aless G.: What is the most stressful factor about being a top model?

Marina: I never know how my next day will turn out; therefore, I am never able to make plans with my friends or family. I always have to be flexible. I love the quote "live and let live."

Aless G.: What kinds of gifts do you like the best? 

Marina: The kind of gifts that I like the most are the ones that are customized by my friends for me.

Aless G.: Who is the most amazing person you have ever met in your life?

Marina: Without a doubt, my Mom.

Aless G.: And in the fashion world?

Marina: Although we could consider David Beckham a superstar, I really like his humanity  and his simplicity of life. I have met many celebrities, who think that they are superior in many ways. However, you always get surprised with other people like Bar Refaeli, who is a gorgeous woman. 

Aless G.: The best work that you have done?

Marina: With Eugenio Recuenco.

Aless G.: The coolest experience in life?

Marina: I have had the opportunity to travel, and I have met many interesting people; both are important for me.

Aless G.: Is the economic crisis affecting the fashion world?

Marina: In my point of view, the economic crisis is not affecting the fashion world too much; in some countries, people only buy things to make themselves happy.

Aless G.: What was one really bad experience in your life? 

Marina: The death of my father in October 2005.

Aless G.: Your current favorite songs?

Marina: The Lightning Seeds; "Pure" by Cloud Cuckoo Land;  "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes; "I Just Want to Make that Sad Boy Smile" by Kleerup; "Big jet Plane" by Angus and Julia Stone; "As the Rush Comes" by Motorcycle; "Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts" by Brandon Flowers. 

Aless G.: Your favorite movies?

Marina: Ordinary People; in general, American comedy movies. I really love the Sandra Bullock movies.

Aless G.: What is your favorite part of the day?

Marina: Waking up and looking forward to my day.

Aless G.: What are your favourite holiday destinations? 

Marina: Cambodia, Australia (Sydney), Japan, and the U.S. (Chicago). 

Aless G.: What is your favorite place to escape?

Marina: Hontoria del Pinar in Burgos, in the hills outside the town to see the the sunset or sunrise, to watch the stars; being in the nature is awesome, it really energizes me.

Aless G.: How do you define your true happiness?

Marina: To live my life in the way that I love: relaxing and simple.

Aless G.: What is the most glamorous part of your career and what is the worst thing about it?

Marina: The most glamourous part is the process behind the cameras: spending time with the hairstylist, having my make up done, i.e. when they transform me into the character that the clients wants. The worst part is the stress; but I do my best not to focus on the negative.

Aless G.: Define yourself in four words: 

Marina: Sweet, genuine, simple, and pure.

Aless G.: Tell us something interesting about your passions: 

Marina: I am in love with the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. His movies include Totoro, Ponyo, Howl´s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. I love cinema, theatre, and ballet; I love all arts in general.

Aless G.: Tell us about some exclusive secrets about yourself:

Marina: I enjoy spending hours by cooking for family and friends. I wish to be a really good actress, a movie director, and a mother.

Aless G.: Tell us about your secret beauty products: 

Marina: Face mask from Shu Uemura ( the Hydrating Mask); I love the products from Germaine de Cappucini; the best products for the hair are from Kérastasse. My mascara from Yves Saint Laurent; my favorite nail polish is Chanel Rouge. The best lipsticks are from Mac. I can't live without the Ydille perfume from Guerlain. I feel so confident and sexy when I put this perfume on me. In the summer, I love Eau Teindre from Chanel.

Aless G.: Tell us about your fitness routine:

Marina: I love my new gym in Madrid  (Omnia); it is completely different than the rest of the gyms in the city. I do spinning, yoga, and meditation. At least 3 times per week, I work out with my personal trainer. When I am working out of Madrid, I always try to find a way to work out: in parks and in the gym at the hotel. I general, I walk to see the cities, where I am working/visiting, or even inside my hotel room. The key to consistently working out is to push and motivate yourself.

Aless G.: What are your style tricks?

Marina: My stylists. I don't know what I am going to do without my stylists David García Mirás and Sofia Stein; they know who I am; they find the best outfits for my fashion events or parties. In general, I love to have my own style and be different from everyone else.

Aless G.: What is your favorite look in winter and in the summer?

Marina: Winter-- Leather leggings from (Helmut Lang); my favorite boots: All Saints; a t-shirt from Eleven Paris (I love the new ones with the celebrities doing the mustache with the finger); an XXL (Sandro) Sweater; a black leather jacket ; a foulard from Barbara Lonmann.  This fall-winter, I will wear my new coat from Jorge Vazquez.

Summer--Wripped shorts from Abercrombie; t-shirts from Eleven Paris; and I love the basics from the Gap; the best shoes for the summer are from the Spanish brand: Pretty Ballerinas. 

Aless G.: What is your favorite accessory?

Marina: My glitter cover for iPhone: rabbit.

Aless G.: Your favorite Sunglasses?

Marina: Ray Ban, Tom Ford, and Person.

Aless G.: What is your favorite "it" bag/s? 

Marina: The bags come from Gucci, Marc Jacob, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Aless G.: Are you addicted to technology? 

Marina: Yessss!!! I can´t live without my cell phones; my Blackberry and my iPod. I love Twitter and Facebook. You can follow me @marinajamieson or on my fan page on Facebook. 

Aless G.: What are your favorite low cost brands?

Marina: Zara and H&M. 

Aless G.: What are your favorite luxury brands?

Marina: Yves Saint Laurent, Hermés, Sandro, La condesa, and Balmain. I also love vintage shops and customize my own clothes, e.g. I bought a jacket from Zara and customized it to match my personality. 

Aless G.: What style do you like for this Fall/Winter (2012 - 2013)?

Marina: Army style.

Aless G.: What is the most expensive thing in your closet ?

Marina: My Yvsl Muse Bag.

Aless G.: Tell us something interesting that people generally do not know about you. 

Marina: I have collected magnets from all the places that I visited during my travels, and I always send postcards to my mom from wherever I visit.

Aless G.: Who are your biggest fans? 

Marina: Three women: my grandma from Burgos, my mom, and my sister Adriana.

Aless G.: What do you eat usually?

Marina: I eat everything, I can't live without eating. I love hand made foods, I love Thai food and Mexican good!!! Yummy!!! My favorite plate is spanish eggs fried with french fries and ketchup!!! I love vegetable creams.
I love organic food like soy milk, Muesli; what I eat depends of my mood.

Aless G.: What is your perfect free weekend?

Marina: I love to escape far from the city with the car and get lost in the little towns with my best friends; I really love them, and I know they really love me, respect me and admire me. I stay far from evil people.

Aless G.: You also have friends in the fashion industry?

Marina: Yes.... International and National models: Bar Refaeli, Clara Alonso, Sam Webb, and Antonio Navas.
Also, I am friends with designers like Aki Zazarashvili.

Aless G.: What is your dream in life ?

Marina: To be an access. 

Aless G.: What are your future projects?

Marina: Book 365 with photographer Eugenio Recuenco and a fashion film for Louis Vuitton.

Aless G.: What are your best runway moments?

Marina: Modeling for Diane Von Furstenberg, Giambattista Valli, Helmut Lang, and Paul Smith.

Aless G.: What are your favorite TV shows?

Marina: Revenge, Castle, and Bones.

Thank you Marina for this stunning interview. Club Fashionista wishes you the best in your career and personal life, you deserve it!!! Good luck honey!!!

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