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Bella Italia

By Amra Beganovic

Posted over 5 years ago

It has been a little over a month since I returned from Italy; however, I am already eagerly anticipating my next trip to this amazing country. Venice is one of my favorite Italian destinations; all of its antiquities, seafood, and museum-like architecture make an unforgettable vacation. However, as any experienced traveler knows, to fully enjoy one’s vacation, we must plan meticulously, and use some tips from locals and prior visitors. Below, I offer you some advice when A. traveling in general and B. visiting this beautiful land:


1. Never over pack: for those of you who follow me on Instagram, it may be hard to believe that the girl who continuously photographs her various outfit combinations is advising reduction in wardrobe choices. However, there is nothing that can spoil a great vacation like lost luggage or bringing too much of it. In Venice, cars are not allowed and having too much luggage often means that you will carry everything by hand for miles on end while climbing bridges made of cobble stones—yes, the streets of Venice were not built for our 21st century comfort.

While out and about at St. Mark’s Square

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute during the night

2. Hand luggage only: referring to my previous point, you may wonder, what is the optimal amount of luggage to bring to any vacation? My answer—only hand luggage. Yes, you heard it correctly; my essentials for days of exploring are the following: a. one pair of sneakers – not running shoes but comfortable trendy shoes envisioned for walking; b. one pair of black simple pumps—just in case you go out for a fancy dinner; c. one pair of jeans; d. one LBD; e. three button down shirts; f. one sweater; g. one jacket—bring the jacket with you instead of packing it as it takes up the most room.

The only means to a hotel- with a small boat or a gondola

While exploring the streets of Venice

3. Never over schedule: The biggest mistake I often see people making when traveling is that they plan to see too many attractions in very little time. This leads to fatigue and unnecessary stress; I suggest scheduling one to two (max) spots to see and enjoying the rest of the time soaking in the local culture. My favorite thing to do in Italy is to savor a delicious cappuccino and a few pastries in the morning, take an extended lunch break while enjoying, or finding local antiquities and dig-up treasures while shopping.

My morning ritual while in Italy: a cup of the finest cappuccino and some fresh patisseries

This cuttlefish pasta is a MUST while in Venice!

4. Make memories: the best memories are made with friends and family; however, it only takes one introducing themselves to make a friend while traveling. If you wish to have an unforgettable trip, I suggest striking up a conversation with the locals, and hopefully making a friend out of some of them. They will often tell you exciting stories about the past, hidden treasures – like the best food spots, galleries, and views—in town.

View of Dorsoduro

Venice at night might be even more beautiful than Venice during the day

Photographers paradise – canals of Venice

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