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Aaron Díaz

By Club Fashionista

Posted about 5 years ago

Hello FASHIONISTAS! We are here with Aaron Díaz, who is a Spanish-Brazilian-Dominican male top model! Aaron has worked with many well known Spanish brands, e.g., Elio Berhanyer , and international brands, e.g., D&G. Also, he has walked the runways around the world, and he is a regular at Madrid Fashion Week. Aaron is currently based in Madrid, and will be living in Miami this summer. 

Aaron Diaz on the cover of Men's Health Spain

We are very excited to have an interview with you. I will proceed by posing completely different questions than we have thus far with our other top-models, celebrity clothing and accessories designers, and major magazine photographers. My goal, hopefully not too ambitious, is for people who are not acquainted with you to become your huge fans and for the people who are already are your fans to come to adore you even more than before. 

Club Fashionista ("CF"): Whose idea was it for you to enter the modeling industry? Was it your own?

Aaron Diaz ("AD"): Well it might sound a little cliché but I always wanted to be a football player or model. Also, my father has always been a part of the art world, and he was a model. Inevitably, as my father is my role model, I became curious about this world. Moreover, I have always played football and still do.

CF: Have you always liked this profession?

AD: Yes. I have always been a fond of it. I believe it is very important to like the profession and to be happy as a model because when working in public, your mood is capture very well. In another words, if not comfortable and uneasy, your mood and unhappy facial expression are quickly capture through cameras. 

CF: How long have you lived in Spain?

AD: I am Spanish! Hahaa. I understand that my facial features and skin color are exotic, and in fact, I do not look like a typical Spanish guy. In fact, my father is from Brazil, my grandmother is from the Dominican Republic and my my mother is from Spain. :)

CF: We understand that you are very fashion conscious; in fact, you have your own blog at http://thatboychronicles.blogspot.com.es.
 I looked at your blog, and I noticed that you post almost all about your modeling work on your blog. What do you like most about your blog? Also, from 0-10, how big of a fan are you of the fashion world? 

AD: I love writing, and it is something I have become hooked on lately. My blog is a bit autobiographical; therefore, it reflects my personality, i.e. my views on certain issues and fashion, my sarcastic personality, my own experiences as a model. I write about my passions. I write my own content, and the photos I post are originals. I do consider myself an "IT" guy, so I suppose that I have to rank my blog as a 10.

CF: What is the best modeling job you have had so far?

AD: A campaign for D&G; it was my first international experience and the best thus far.

CF: What is your favorite model and celebrity?

AD: I think that David Gandy; he is the prototype of a male model with a strong body and unlike the trendy androgynous and very slim bodies. Also, I am fond of the models Andrés Velencoso and Noah Mills. As for celebrities, I like Justin Timberlake, especially for his recent style, Jude Law, and Cassie.

CF: Who is your role model in life?

AD: My role model in life is anyone who fights with all of his/her power for what he/she wants. Almost everyone around me is inspiring in the sense that they fight for their dreams and are very energetic. 

CF: What are your favorite designers?

AD: I love Dolce & Gabbana, Elio Berhanyer, Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, etc.

CF: Have you modeled for many designers? What do you think is the best runway show you have walked?

AD: Luckily, I have been able to walk catwalks globally. Each runway show was different and special; I could not choose just one. Everyone required a different energy and attitude; I enjoyed being a part of the various roles.

CF:What is the most important lesson you have learned in your life?

AD: Fortunately or unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Live day to day, and do not get bogged down when things go wrong. Be happy and enjoy to the fullest the present moment. 

CF: What is your favorite piece in your closet?

AD: My favorite pieces in my closet are my tank-tops; I adore them! I can combine them well in spring with my wardrobe and in the summer I can wear the tank-tops with a cool hat. During the winter, I can wear them under a blazer. :) Moreover, I have to say that great boots are a must while out in the city. 

CF: Do you spend a lot on clothes? Do you consider yourself a fashion victim?

AD: I try to control myself with clothes because I am very impulsive when buying them, and I cannot fit all of the clothes in my closet. As I become older, I buy quality and stay away from quantity. I could say that I am a fashion victim but I do not take fashion to the extreme, e.g., have "I love fashion" tattooed on my neck.. With that said, I adore fashion and everything it represents. 

CF: What is a day like with Aaron Diaz?

AD: Well, I hope that when spending a day with me, at some point, you will have to go to the bathroom because of laughter. I love to tell jokes and have dramatic monologues. I try to make people around me comfortable.  I feel protected and loved. On a bad day, I am more thoughtful and quiet. With that said, my personality is generally very very positive, cheerful and pleasant. 

CF: Please tell your fans where they can find you, i.e. perhaps give them some tips to be able to keep up with you.

AD: In the past few months, I and my friend models have frequented every Friday night SFILATTA, where you can enjoy a great atmosphere, beautiful and stylish people, and good music. Other place I frequent during the day and evenings is my gym in Plaza de Castilla. Lastly, you can catch me shopping on Gran Via in Madrid. 

CF: Do you live alone?

AD: In Madrid, I live with my sister! She is the best, and sometimes the worst, roommate. Some time ago, my mother bought a house on the seaside in Almeria and left the stressful atmosphere of the city. She left her home in Madrid to Aisa, my sister, and me.

CF: FITNESS: Many of the followers of Club Fashionista are addicted to the gym! Your body says that you spend many hours working out! What is your daily exercise? Do you like to exercise or do you consider it part of your job?

AD: Exrcising is part of my job. Additionally, exercising is a great way of staying young, being healthy and release stress. Usually, I work out three to four times a week. I am in the gym more often than when I travel. Usually, I am not on the road and am in Madrid for several months. In addition to continuously exercising, eating well is part of my daily routine. 

CF: Food wise, how many meals a day do you eat? Are you on a strict diet?

AD: As for my nutrition, I have to say that I am not as strict as I should be. I have great genes that allow me to eat anything and anytime. Nonetheless, to achieve fast results, I try to avoid carbohydrates at night and have a rich protein diet. Also, I decrease the consumption of fried foots; instead, I eat steamed food. Lastly, I drink between one to three liters of water a day. 

CF: Is there much competition between male models?

AD: There is always competition; it is a natural selection process, and it is necessary to select the fittest male model. In the fashion industry, having, one a scale from one to ten (one being the worst and ten the best, a ten body certainly helps. The current trend is having an unnaturally thin body, i.e. below the body mass index. 

CF: What do you think about using photoshop in fashion editors to the point that people become surreal and often unrecognizable when you see them casually on the streets? 

AD: I am totally against using the photoshop to that extent. In fact, I think that is very false to sell a product through models who are so airbrushed. Also, photoshopping to an extreme imposes unrealistic standards on the society to have a specific look or body image. There is a huge difference between using photoshop to tweak wrinkles on clothes, some imperfections on the face and between having the person be unrecognizable. 

CF: Many models become actors, this is a particular topic of the past but in the last years I see many leave the profession for the music industry! Would you like to do the same, e.g. become a DJ?

AD: Firstly, I have to say that I respect each profession because in order to stand out in any profession, it requires years of experience, major effort and dedication. Changing professions from modeling to acting is tough because of lack of acting experience even though models do some form of acting in fashion campaigns. I suppose it all has to do with one's ambition and financial circumstances. For Spaniards, currently, changing profession is likely to be caused by the economic crisis. 

A DJ? No way! I can DJ at home when relaxing with my friends or listen to music while at home reading an interesting book. The DJs I know are very involved in engaging the audience in huge parties; I will assist the DJ at a party for the people to start dancing but not so much past that. 

CF: What are your next projects? What are your dreams? Have you fulfilled any?

AD: As a model, I would like to make the leap to New York City. I think it is the last stop for a model. Also, I would love to live in Podere, Italy. I would love to share my dreams with a significant other. I will not go on about my dreams as I have to protect them at the moment. With all of that I said, I would add that I am living my dream as I am surrounded by amazing people who love me and whom I love; and I have the amazing opportunity to travel around the world. 

CF: How would people who surround you describe you?

AD: I imagine by using various adjectives. With that said, people who are close and really do know me describe me as very nice, and positive with a big heart. The friends of my friends would probably call me crazy, funny, passionate, intelligent, organized and responsible. I would add that I am bit stubborn, have difficulties in putting myself in the shoes of another, a perfectionist, and have a strong personality. 

CF: You are positive and cheerful, so what do you look for in your friends?

AD: I look for people that have the same positive energy as me. I believe that energy transfers from one person to another. I believe that having a positive attitude increases the possibility of attaining what you desire. Thus, if you surround yourself with negative people, you risk infecting your own cheerful personality and becoming bitter and gloomy. People who are happy, fun, and ambitious are attractive to me. My personal experience tells me that a Virgo, whom are balanced, an Aquarius, a Pisces, whom are cheerful and vital, a Scorpio, whom are strong, and a Sagittarius are more compatible with my personality. 

CF: Who is the person you love the most?

AD: My mother of course. Perhaps this is the typical answer but I do have a very strong and close relationship with her. We have gone through a lot together and that has brought us close. She has always supported me and without her I would not be who I am today.

CF: Do you like animals?

AD: I love them! I love all kinds of and types of animals. In fact, I have a puppy; his name is Achilles because he is like a tireless Greek warrior and has a brown spot on his forehead, like a warrior's mask. I have lost sleep during the past week because of my restless puppy. 

CF: What are your favorite places in Madrid?

AD: Madrid is SO pretty! I am fortunate to have the opportunity to live in one of the best cities in the world. Losing yourself in this ancient city is magical. I love the Gran Via, the Spanish orchards, the Latin influence, etc. The city is mythical, innovative and stylish. There are thousands of shops, terraces and so many ways to enjoy a leisurely afternoon, especially now with the onset of warm weather. 

CF: During your travels you have visited some incredible sites. What is the most fantastic place you have ever visited?

AD: Bali. That island has something magical that grabs you from the first moment you land there. The lifestyle in Bali is incredible; the people are open, friendly and humble. The beaches are incredible. My imagination expanded as I glared at the vast rice fields that stretch across the horizon. The temperature was incredible. In Bali, I met one of the most special people in my life. Thus, I have nothing but praise for Bali. 

CF: What makes you happiest in your life?

AD: Spending time and enjoying my family, friends, and work. 

CF: Do you think being a model carries its stereotypes?

AD: Yes, there are so many stereotypes that come with being a model. Firstly, almost everyone ask me if I am gay. With all do respect to the gay community, which I love, I answer with a resounding "NO!" Additionally, model has become synonymous with stupid. P.s. for those of you who do not know, I am almost done with my studies of becoming an Engineer Agronomist. 

I believe that each of the aforementioned stereotypes comes from the personality of the person rather than stemming from being a model per say. Also, there are many models that contribute and fuel these stereotypes; like I said, each to his own; I respect everyone just do not share these opinions. 

CF: Spring has just arrived, what are your plans for this summer?

AD: I would like to return to Bali, although I will be living in Miami. I am excited to explore Miami and find out if the stereotypes are really true. Also, the summer is an amazing time to party. Also, I will visit my mother in Almeria and make a getaway trip to Ibiza and Canary Islands.

CF: What are your favorite hobbies?

AD: I love going to the gym. Also, I have been playing football since childhood. I love to read, play the piano, and listen to R&B music loudly until my neighbor comes knocking on the door. Also, I love to talk walks with my friends, shop, go to the movies and dining at new restaurants. 

CF: Beauty: Do you have beauty secret? What are your favorite products?

AD: I really do not spend much money on cosmetics. I use the basics. Toning and firming products for face, eye contour for the day and night. I like Nivea for the body; I really like Ureadin. Also, I try to sleep 8-10 hours a day, drink a lot of water, eat healthy and play sports, which are the tips that everyone knows but not everyone lives by. 

CF:What can we find on your playlist in iTunes?

AD: I like R&B; with that said, I like to listen to a bit of everything, great electronic music, Ben Harper, the XX, the Scripts, etc. I love to listen to house music when dancing. 

CF:What is your favorite song?

AD:There are many; although my favorite song varies depending on the stage in my life. With that said, I really like the song "Talk Show Host" by Radiohead on the Rome & Juliet soundtrack. 

CF:As for movies, what is your favorite movie?

AD:I am Legend starring Will Smith! Although I have to admit that Disney's Lion King is still my weak spot. :)

CF:Who is your favorite actor, actress and director? Actor?

AD: I like director Peter Jackson in general; at the moment, I have taken a huge liking to M. Night Shyamalan.

AD: As for the actors: Will Smith, Brad Pitt, and Gerald Butler. As for the actresses: Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Keria Knightley and of course Audrey Hepburn.

CF: Have you ever had or have any heroes?

AD: I do not like idealizing anyone because everyone is a person at the end of the day like you and me. A lot of times, people are put on a pedestal through the media. Thus, instead of calling someone my idol, I like to call him/her a role model. 

CF: What is your perfect date?

AD: Anywhere where I can understand and get to know the person the best. 

CF: Many men look at you as a Latin lover. Can you give them some times about dating and women?

AD: LOL. I think it is all about being yourself and appearing confident, determined, honest and fun. Men often consider women as objects or simply as people with whom you cannot engage in fun and interesting conversations, which in fact is FALSE! If you can make a girl laugh and have her genuinely interested in you, then you have it easy!

CF: Do you consider yourself addicted to social media?

AD: I have to admit that I am glued to my phone, e.g. I find it that in the middle of the day there is only 30% left on my batter. Lately, I have become obsessed with Instagram, I find it really cool! 

CF: Where can your fans follow you?


1. Instagram: @aarondiaziglesias
2. Facebook: Aaron Diaz 
3. Twitter (I use very very little): @aaron_V_diaz
4. Tuenti: Aaron Diaz Martinez
5. My blog: http://thatboychronicles.blogspot.com.es

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