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Best Pre-Workout Foods

By Sarah Baker

Pre-workout food: what's good to eat?

Food is essential for a good workout. In order to get the most from your workout, you need to get the most from your pre-workout meal. Did you know that most of the fuel burned during a workout comes from the carbs and fats that are stored? There is enough stored for 1-2 hours of very intense exercise or 3-4 hours of moderate exercise. Therefore, it’s actually more important what you eat 3-4 hours before you workout. You should eat a large meal at that point. A small meal is good for about 2-3 hours before you workout and a small snack 30-60 minutes before you workout. 

How to Wear Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

By Catherine Santino

You may think that blue eye makeup is a thing of the past, but this season’s looks has proven that to be completely false. Chanel’s 2014 Resort Collection was all about a bold, graphic winged eye paired with bright blue shadow. I think it’s a gorgeous and completely unique look, but it’s not totally wearable. However, I think it’s a great source to draw inspiration for your summer makeup looks. Incorporating bold blue tones into your eye makeup is a great way to add a fresh, bold, summery feel to your look. Here is my turquoise and blue eye-makeup tutorial:

Denim Cutoffs

By Amra B. 

Summer is not over yet, and I am trying to savor my last days by spending it on the beach- Miami Beach. For the occasion, I have managed to find a perfect pair of denim cutoffs; long enough to cover the main bits but short enough to show off my legs. I managed to wear these shorts almost daily as I found the to be the most versatile summer piece I own. Below are some tips on how to wear denim cutoffs: 

When Expectation Does Not Meet Reality

By Sarah Baker 

So you made some plans for your life and life really isn’t sticking to those plans. You feel like nothing is going like it should and things are just falling apart around you. What are you to do? Sit around and be mindful that life is just passing you by? Or get up and do something about it?

How to cope when expectation doesn't meet reality:

Coffee Culture in Seattle

By Avery Carruthers 

I consider myself to be quite lucky. Why am I so lucky you may ask? Well folks, today, I get the pleasure of writing about one of my greatest passions in life: coffee. I am a firm believer that a great cup of coffee can change your day in the best possible way. Having grown up in Seattle, a.k.a. the Emerald City, I have had the opportunity to try some of the country’s best coffee roasts. From Cherry Street Coffee House to Tully’s to Uptown Espresso, I have taste-tested beans imported from around the globe. 

Why Visit Kravice Waterfalls

By Lara Medić

Amongst the most fascinating natural features of the Herzegovinian region (southern Bosnia) are the sparkling-emerald waterfalls of Kravice. The waterfall was created by the Trebižat river with its tuff deposits; now, grass, moss and lichen grow on the tuff deposits giving the water its beautiful emerald look. Kravice waterfalls have been declared a natural phenomenon and are now under state protection. 

Waterfalls are about 10 kilometers south of Ljubuški, and 40 kilometers south of Mostar. Its height is between 25 (82 feet) - 28 meters (about 92 feet) and the amazing radius of the lake is 120 meters (394 feet). 

The Hottest Fashion Trends-- Blogger Style

By Brittany Dobbins 

I’m sure all of you fashionistas are wondering what are some of the top fashion trends bloggers are wearing and talking about. Well, I’ll be the first one to give you the scoop! 

These are four of the most popular fashion trends straight from the streets from around the globe! These fashion trends have been spotted on countless of young women and girls.  These trends are show-stoppers and will make you say: “Whoa! Where did you get that outfit?” I think each outfit has its own secret, something that fashionistas and bloggers only know. 

Let’s start, shall we...

The Hottest Trends--Blogger Style: 

Fashion is on the streets...

How To Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin

By Elma B.

You often hear about beauty, what it means and what you are supposed to look like to be beautiful. Let me clarify, what beauty means in the Western part of the world differs immensely form let's say Asia and Africa. (To find out about beauty standards across the world, click here.) Beauty standards are created by the fashion and the cosmetics industries because as you have seen what was once considered the epitome of a bombshell, e.g., Marilyn Monroe, is now considered chubby (and dare I say even "fat").  

What do you do when you are constantly bombarded by commercials of extra fit women (by the way, they do this for a living, i.e., their livelihood depends on how toned they are) and women with skin smoother than a baby's bottom (by the way, there is countless of layering in photoshop to achieve this effect)? I recommend not absorbing fashion or beauty product commercials like a sponge and making a list of what it means to be beautiful to YOU. 

Why let others set standards of what you are supposed to look like to be beautiful? Create your own standard of beauty and to decide what being beautiful means to you. After all what is on the outside is very often a reflection of what is in the inside. Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself... 

How To Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin: 


Art Prints

By Amra B. 

I am a big fan of converting long shirts into dresses. Summer is the perfect time to show off your legs, and loose t-shirts are the ideal antidotes for the hot and humid whether in Miami. For me, this shirt is exceptionally lovely as it includes an artistic element to an otherwise plain cut.


Lesson 101: Confident Body Language for Women

By Elma B.

Recently, I attended a lecture led by a male and a female. What immediately struck me was the difference in the posture and the tone of voice in the genders. The guy speaker stood up straight, faced the audience and talked in an assertive tone of voice; the woman on the other hand, was fidgeting, apologizing (for minute mistakes), her back was curled, and her tone of voice was nervous and shy. Both the female and the male speaker had similar level of education, were close in age and had a similar level of work experience. 

The question then begs what happens to our girls that we seem, at least on the surface, to loose that self-confidence when speaking in public, giving lectures, or even presenting at work? The brand Always recently made a commercial of what it means to do something "like a girl." The brand brought me back to my childhood when being being a girl meant being strong, confident and assertive. Yes, I would punch with full strength and speed to defend myself and my friends; and I would run with all of my might in any game on the playground. 

While I do not have all of the answers on why girls loose confidence during puberty (is it societal influence or biology), I would like to provide you with some stepping stones for communicating confidence to the outside world through your body language. 

6 tips on improving your body language: 

1. Change your tone of voice

Speak assertively and clearly. Speaking calmly yet loudly enough so the entire room can hear communicates confidence and belief in what you are saying. 

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for the Girl on the Go

By Avery Carruthers

This day in age, it seems as if people are running around in circles trying to get things accomplished. From work to maintaining a social life, women simply do not have the time to sit and prepare the well-balanced breakfast they need to start their days off right. However, did you know that eating a healthy breakfast has been proven to help you eat less throughout the day? According to WebMD, breakfast is also linked to many benefits, including weight control and improved performance. 

Clearly, breakfast is more than essential, which is why I am here to provide...

 5 quick and easy recipes for the girl on the go:

1.) Instant Oatmeal

International Fashion Trends: Style Chat With Zoran Aragović (BiteMyStyle)

By Lara Medić

How to own the clothes that you wear without the clothes owning you? I think that the Croatian fashion designer, Zoran Aragovic, may have the answer for you. What makes his designs distinctive are the simple cuts that connect different types of fabrics, interesting patterns and colors with the striking and unique details. So if you do not want your style to be consumed by the trendy crowd, I suggest taking a look at the striking designs of Zoran.  Zoran makes unique bags, bracelets and belts, which combined with his clothing gives his creations a distinct style. 

1. When and how did your passion for fashion design begin?

Tropical Prints

By Amra B. 

Since I have been in Miami, I decided to embrace the hot weather and turn towards fashions inspired by the environment. Miami is a tropical paradise and prints that embrace the vibes of the beautiful forest colors are just what I needed. 

Tropical prints are no longer reserved just for the elderly tourists in Hawaii; they have been present on the runways for some time now. Tropical prints have appeared in many collections of some of the best known brands, including Dolce & Gabbana , Stella McCarthy, Balenciaga, Giles, and more. 

Below are some tips on how to style tropical prints: 

How to Be a Lady in the 21st Century

By Elma B.

Chivalry, honor and integrity may seem like outdate words, perhaps vestiges from the long ago. The millennial, and dare I say even the baby boomer, generation have been liberated from the behavioral constraints that came along with being a woman. While I am a 1000% behind women holding power positions and advancing around the world, I think being a powerful woman is not mutually exclusive with being a lady. 

Holding your ground and maintaing self-respect may be just what you need to be a better you, without further ado here is...

How to be a lady (and a powerful woman) in the 21st century:

1. Posture

Beyonce –The Beauty Icon

 By Catherine Santino 

Who Is Your Beauty Icon?

To me, Beyonce embodies everything that I believe beauty is: confidence, fearlessness, the ability to be completely and unapologetically herself. Her looks are bold and unique, and I definitely look up to her as a beauty and fashion icon.

Where Does Happiness Come From?

By Elma B.

Where does happiness come from?

This question has been repeatedly asked throughout centuries. Without discussing scientific facts, I want to tell you what life has taught me that happiness means. Through my friends, family and myself, I have observed that many think that in order for me to be happy XYZ have to happen. In another words, we depend on an event that is often completely out of our control to occur for us to feel ecstatic joy. However, what we do not realize is that the source of happiness ultimately comes from within you. 

Most Memorable Fashion Trends Throughout History

By Lara Medic

"Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel a the moment, and where you're going. It doesn't have to be bright, doesn't have to be loud. Just has to be you."
--Pharrell Williams

Most Memorable Fashion Moments Throughout History:

Every decade has something new to bring to the spotlight that makes that decade's style memorable. We are going to time travel back in time and take a look at some of the most memorable women's fashions throughout decades. You will see how fashion has changed over time, what you will notice is that even though fashion changed fairly quickly, people found it easy to keep up with the ever changing style. Every season had a new fashion let's start our journey...

1920s fashion trends
1920s Fashion Trends 

Restoring Your Inner Harmony With Nature

By Elma B.

"Feeling sluggish? The solution may require getting outside the box – that big brick-and-mortar box called a building."
Richard Ryan

Restore Your Inner Peace–Heal With Nature: 

Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel to South Florida where there are a plethora of natural parks, e.g., the Everglades (the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States), the Balboa Park on Biscayne Bay (the lighthouse on the beach is a gem) and the Matheson Hammock Park (the lagoons are divine). I noticed that after spending time outdoors, my spirit reawakens and my breath feels lighter. My sense reawakened and I felt more connected with the environment that surrounds me. 

Why Spend Time in Nature: 

The nature has an incredible power of restoring harmony--I advise taking the time out of your busy week to spend time outdoors and relax your mind. Slow down your inner chatter and absorb the nature's beauty and blissful noises.

Restoring your inner peace with nature
Me enjoying the natural setting of Matheson Hammock Park
(Miami, Florida)

The King of Fashion: Karl Lagerfeld

By Brittany Dobbins
Edited by Lara Medic

Who is Karl Lagerfeld? Karl Who?

Karl Lagerfeld, born in Germany and groomed in Paris (by Pierre Balmain himself), is the king of instant fashion trends and couture around the world. He transformed fashion power houses like Chloe, Fendi and most famously Chanel in 1983. His talent swiftly conquered the fashion industry and with his signature sunglasses and black and white ensemble, he became a genuine fashion icon. 

Karl Lagerfled
(with Victoria Bekcham in the original Chanel store in Paris)

How to Wear Yellow--4 Golden Rules

By Amra B. 

I am big fan of yellow during the summer; it is one of the most flattering colors against tanned skin and never fails to make a statement. Also, yellow has the ability to influence our mood; it has been linked to laughter, happiness, optimism and good times. Lastly, yellow has the power to instantly refresh any outfit: since it is a bright color, a few strategically placed pieces can go a long way.

4 Styling Tips on How to Wear Yellow:


Mental Hygiene--5 Golden Rules for Nurturing Your Core

By Elma B.

"You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts."
-Brian Tracey 

Mental Hygiene:

Too often do wear hear about the importance of physical fitness and seldom do we hear about the importance of emotional fitness. Well-being is not just about being physically fit and looking your best on the outside but it is also about nurturing your mind. 

We experience the ordinary wear and tear as we proceed on this journey called life. We have expectations that are often not met, experience unfairness, and therefore our enthusiasm for life quickly wanes down. The key question remains how do we nurture our mind/our spirit to maintain a healthy level of optimism and energy? Interestingly, there is not as much literature on grooming our mental hygiene to keep us in a healthy and happy state of mind. Here are my suggestions...

5 Golden Rules for Nurturing Your Mental Health:

1. Meditate. Meditate for at least 10 minutes out of your day to relax and calm your thoughts. Go to a place that is truly serene and helps bring your busy day to a full stop. (Here's why 10 minutes of meditation will change your day.)

How to Cure a Hangover

By Lara Medić

In English/Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

After a long night of drinking and partying, you have probably woken-up with an intolerable headache; this is a sign that you are suffering from a hangover and have been drinking too much the night before. Although it may give you some discomfort, hangover is not a serious condition and disappears on its own within couple of hours.

The severity of the hangover often depends on the type of alcohol you were consuming the night before. Symptoms mostly include headache, nausea, and dizziness.

How to Cure a Hangover:

Travel Therapy--the Best Kind

By Elma B.

“Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.”
―Leonardo da Vinci

Travel Therapy: 

The above-mentioned quote has been one of my favorites since I was 14 years old (I read it in Wayne Dyer's Wisdom of Ages). Traveling is one of the best therapies you can gift to yourself to recharge your batteries, relax and most importantly help shed perspective on your life. 

We are often stuck in a daily pattern, i.e., the rut, and we being to loose perspective on our life. All of a sudden our problems become ginormous, and anxiety kicks in. Our judgment is clouded because the same set of scenarios repeat themselves day to day, almost like the Groundhog Day film. Therefore, seeing the bigger picture becomes increasingly more difficult. The ease with which we may normally solve our problems vanes away and almost everything surrounding us becomes burdensome. 

Da Vinci, in his infinite wisdom about 500 years ago, was right--travel sheds light on your life, which includes your spiritual well-being, your love and work life. The circle of your life is neatly connected.  

My Travel Therapy: 

Me in Miami

Swan Lake At The Met Opera Reviews

By Catherine Santino
Edited by Lara Medic

Going to the ballet, especially in the heart of New York City, has always been a dream of mine. After all, who doesn’t secretly wish they could be a ballerina, wearing gorgeous costumes and getting to dance on a stage? 

Swan Lake inspired fashion 

How to Create Your Perfect Beach Style: The Do's and Don'ts

By Nadja Muzur
Edited by Lara Medic

Beach Fashion Trends 101:

Summer is my favorite time of the year because it means I get to wear cute fashion trends, wear new bathing suits, hangout poolside with friends, and of course my favorite part is the stylish beach days! Since I live in LA, I wanted to share with you some styling tips for the DOs and DONTS on the beach. 


Stripes on Stripes

By Amra B. 

As many of you already know, I am a HUGE fan of stripes for summer! They are timeless and effortlessly chic; Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, and Marilyn Monroe were all huge fans. I also love how easy they are to combine with bright colors for a bold summer look.   

I decided to top off my striped outfit with pops of red and yellow; I included a bright red coral necklace, yellow vintage purse, and a pair of heels with a bright yellow strap. I completed the look with MORE STRIPES; these recently purchased sunglasses have the perfect vintage feel with thick frames and a touch of red on the sides. 

Wishing you a great day! 

Outfit: Dress Zara, necklace vintage, shoes Jimmy Choo, purse Louis Vuitton, sunnies Forever21

Top 10 Hottest New Hairstyles this Summer

By Catherine Santino  

Top 10 Hottest New Hairstyles:

This season, I have been seeing some incredibly bold, fresh, and fun new hairstyles for summer. There are so many colors and styles to choose from this season, why not change up your look a little? Here are the top 10 trends that I have noticed:

Top 10 Castles in the World

By Sarah Baker

Most little girls grow up with stories about princesses living happily ever after in castles. Keeping that in mind, I have taken a look at castles from around the world. These castles are beautiful wherever you look, inside, out, and all around. With all the beauty in the world, it’s really hard to narrow it down to 10, but I did my best so take a look. 

 Mysterious Peterhof in Russia (left), Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany (center), Lichtenstein Castle in Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany (right)

Interview with the Italian Fashion Blogger: Gian Maria Sainato

By Lara Medić

Today, I would like to present to you an awesome ascending model and fashion blogger: Gian Maria Sainato! This Italian guy, 19 years old, lives in Milan, where he studies and does modeling. 

Quick Workouts for Your Busy Day

By Sarah Baker

Its Time to Make Time:

“I just don’t have time.” This is a common excuse for those who don’t work out. I know that I have used it a time or two. In fact, I think that it’s my current excuse. I have a lot on my plate right now, especially with my maid of honor responsibilities for my friend’s upcoming wedding. I keep saying that I’ll hit the gym more consistently when it’s over. Between working, writing, studying, and planning all the stuff that comes with being MOH, I really don’t have time to commit to a workout plan. Or at least, that’s what I thought. 

Is Cardio Bad for You?

By Sarah Baker

Is Cardio Bad For You?

I have always been that girl that generally sticks to the treadmill when working out. To be honest with you, all the weight machines kind of intimidate me, so I just avoid them. I recently joined a new gym and did their free fitness orientation that they offer. I figured I had nothing to lose. During this orientation, not only did he show me a new workout plan, but he also made me use the weight machines so that I for sure knew what I was doing. He also talked to me about how cardio isn’t exactly the greatest thing for you if you are wanting to shape up your body and really lose weight. Since I had really only done cardio, I definitely wanted to know more. 

How to Achieve Glowing Summer Skin

By Catherine Santino
Edited by Lara Medic

How to Achieve Glowing Skin:

Glowing skin is a look that everyone strives for in the summertime. It may seem impossible to achieve, especially for those of us with incredibly dry skin like myself, but I have found a few tried and true ways of ensuring that your skin looks fresh and beautiful. Here are my beauty tips on achieving fresh glowing skin!

How Keeping a Food Diary Can Help You Lose Weight

By Sarah Baker
Photos by Lara Medic

How Keeping a Food Diary Can Benefit You:

We all try to eat healthy foods, but how many of us truly succeed? And how do we know if we’re actually succeeding?? If you’re anything like me, some days I forget what I had for breakfast. I need someone or something to hold me accountable for what I put into my body. Hiring someone is way too expensive, so I looked in to other options. The cheapest and easiest way to eat healthy foods is keeping a food diary. I remember having to keep these in elementary or middle school health classes to see how healthy we were. I also remember fudging what I ate a little bit so that my teacher thought I was a lot healthier than I really was. 

How to Fake a Thinner Body

By Brittany Dobbins

How to fake a thinner body and get the perfect glow:  what’s the secret?

As women we all want that perfect body, even it means wearing something that will make you look thinner. Just look at Kate Winslet for example, she wears these custom designer dresses and always looks so good in them while walking that red carpet….but what’s her secret? Does she have some sort of body suit that makes her curves even more eye-catching and voluptuous? Or take a look at Beyonce, her body is insane, guys are drooling over her and women just become jealous. I mean, come on? She’s gorgeous! The question is….what exactly is underneath all those clothes?

How to Fake a Thinner Body With Spanx

How to Love Yourself Without Makeup

By Catherine Santino 

Women have been wearing makeup for centuries. It is such an old tradition and has become such an expected practice that the sight of a bare-faced women with under eye circles or (God-forbid) a few blemishes is enough to provoke a reaction from those around them. Personally, whenever I go without makeup, I can be sure that at least a handful of people will ask me “Are you okay?” or “Are you sick?” We are simply not used to seeing women’s faces in their natural state. We’ve become socialized to expect smooth skin, fluttery eyelashes, and flushed cheeks. 

Lincoln Center Craft Festival in New York City Reviews

By Catherine Santino 

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend New York’s 38th Annual American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center. This annual outdoor event features beautiful clothing, jewelry, accessories, and artwork from all over the United States. I was so excited to be able to see what this festival had to offer, especially on such a beautiful day in the city! Here are some of the gorgeous pieces that I saw, and trends that kept making an appearance:

Style inspiration: a long sheer robe 

Boyfriend Shorts-How to Pull the Look Off

By Elma B.
Edited by Lara Medic

This "it" trend started last summer, and continues to make head-waves this season. It's been on top of my list because it gives me room to breathe! So, what is this hot fashion trend-- boyfriend jeans turned boyfriend shorts! 

I wanted to provide a styling tips for you along with my own photos of how to pull off the boyfriend shorts and still look chic, fresh and feminine. Here is my style guide:


How to Highlight & Contour

By Senka Haveric 

Knowing how to highlight and contour is an important step for any make-up lover or fashionista alike. I love contouring as it really defines my face and gives me a much better glow. I've been doing it for about a year and I love it! I've received so many compliments from friends and strangers alike that I decided to share my tricks with you guys. 


Keep in mind, this is not something I do everyday. I usually save it for special occasions or when I know I am going to get my picture taken. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it the first time, it always takes some practice. Just keep at it and in time you will perfect your technique. I like to use cream foundations for my skin although those with oilier skin will benefit from powder foundations. 

What you will need:

Confessions: Road to Confidence

By Elma B.

For most part of my life I have been hearing about confidence: confidence at work, confidence when giving speeches and confidence in relationships. Well, let's pause for a minute, what exactly is confidence? 

The Birth of Confidence:

Top 15 Fashion Icons of All Times

By Brittany Dobbins
Edited by Elma B.

The top 15 fashion icons of all time: Who, What, Wear

One of the reason’s I decided to become a fashion blogger is because at a young age I developed a passion for fashion like no other. A lot of girls I know looked up to their mom as a fashion icon or sister...but for me it was different. I had posters of Coco Chanel all over my walls, and I remember the first time my mother had bought me my first Chanel handbag. It was like Christmas all over again! I didn’t just have one fashion icon to idolize, I had are the top 15: 

1. Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel changed fashion in a way that would never be reversed. She made her imprint on the fashion world when she helped women shed the corsets and change into comfortably tailored skirts and suits. Her signature look: pearls and chic hats. Enter Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s and Chanel became a fashion power house with its distinct and elegantly crafted handbags with the Chanel logo on the front. 

Even if the bags cost over $2,000 USD…it became a must fashion piece for people across the world, it became a status symbol. Luckily, bags are not all that Chanel provides; the fragrances/perfumes have been around since Coco Chanel time. In fact, Chanel No. 5 conquered the perfume industry forever! Coco Chanel created something with her dream: her love for fashion changed forever the way women dressed!

The Dos and Don’ts of Summer Skin Care

By Sarah Baker
Edited by Lara Medic

Welcome to summer, where it’s hot and does a number on our skin. Between the sun, and the shaving, waxing, and moisturizing, sometimes we just don’t know what to do. There are so many conflicting “truths” about skin care in the summer that you’re probably just as confused as I was. Concerned that instead of protecting and helping my skin, I was damaging it, I did some research to find out what are the dos and don’ts of summer skin care.


How to Get the Festival Season Look--Your COMPLETE Guide

By Elma B.

Many of you have seen coverage of the well-known music festival in California--Coachella. You have seen the cool boho-chic laid back style sported by countless of festival goers. While I am not a huge fan of laying out in the grass, stomping around in mud, and making love not war, I do like the relaxed bohemian look. So, how do you style yourself to get that carefree boho-chic look? Here are 5 styling tips:


Ethnic Prints

By Amra B. 

As many of you know by now, I am a huge fan of bohemian fashion; crochet, floppy hats, gladiators, kimonos, and turbans are my go to sources for style inspiration (especially in summer). Additionally, ethnic prints are also a big part of bohemian living, and (naturally) I gravitate towards these prints as well. 

Confessions on Body Image

By Elma B.

Dear fashionistas,

Rarely do I open-up on the subject of body image but recently I received a few fan mails from young girls telling me that they hated their face and bodies and wanted to look like me. Here's the real story, my story:


How To Get The Perfect 1960s Cat Eye

By Catherine Santino
Edited by Lara Medic 

The cat eye is a classic makeup look that is making a very strong comeback. It started in the 1960s as part of the “mod” trend, seen on movie actresses like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and Natalie Wood. Nowadays, it can be seen on almost every celebrity- Lauren Conrad has famously perfected the look for everyday wear.

It’s a simple yet elegant look that has a lot of versatility. Here’s my tutorial to help you achieve it:

3 old Hollywood icons wearing cat eye makeup: Sophia Loren (left), Brigitte Bardot (center) and Natalie Wood (right)

Pastel World: Summer Beauty Trend

By Catherine Santino

One of the biggest makeup trends this season has been pastel lips. Go-to lip colors for summer tend to be bold colors- bright pinks, oranges, and reds. However, pastels are a great way to get a soft, gorgeous look for summer that is totally unique. From soft pinks and purples to blues and greens, no color is off limits this season!

Food Trends: Juice Cleanses

By Sarah Baker

Juice cleanses are a popular new trend. They are supposed to make you feel more energized, reduce the risk of illness and disease, strengthen your bones, make your skin glow, and detox your body. Maybe you have never done a juice cleanse and don’t know where to start, or you are bored with other cleanses you’ve done in the past. For you, I’ve provided a list of the most popular juice cleanses out right now!

Group Gym Classes: Which Should You Try?

By Sarah Baker

Are you tired of the same old song and dance at the gym? Are you only using weights or running? Do you need a change of pace? Then you need to consider trying some group classes. They are a great way to mix up your routine and have fun while working out. As a dancer, I have come across a lot of group classes over the years. These are some of the favorites that I, as well as fellow dancers, have come across: