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Royal Blue Skirt

By Amra B. 

I know this post is a little overdue, but I have been waiting to find one of those amazing pieces worth blogging about. Finally, after some searching, I was able to locate a skirt that simply took my breath away; it is one of those garments that one cannot wear often, but once the opportunity presents itself, it is guaranteed to make you feel like a princess. 

How to Pick Out Timeless Fashion Pieces: Everyday Spring Wardrobe

By Elma B.

With spring upon us and summer being right around the corner, I wanted to share with you some style tips on how to pick out everyday pieces for these warm seasons. As I have mentioned many times, I have become reluctant to make purchases unless I know I can get a lot of milage out of a fashion item. So, how do you pick out those timeless pieces? Here are a few style tips...

How to Pick Out Timeless Fashion Pieces: Everyday Spring Wardrobe

How to Get the Look: Old Hollywood Glamour

By Elma B.

Recently, I saw Kiss Them for Me (1957) featuring the ever so dashing Cary Grant and the iconic blond bombshell Jayne Mansfield. The film showed breathtaking views of San Francisco  as it was in the late '50s and the impeccable style of Old Hollywood. I would definitely recommend the film for its charm, wit and humor. 

My outfit below was inspired by Old Hollywood, the synched waist, midi skirt, and cat-eye sunglasses, as I am a huge fan of the era and its elegance. What era inspires your everyday style? Leave me a comment below, I love hearing from you! Until next time, xoxo from New York City! (Outfit details: top and skirt from H&M, stilettos from Zara, bow-clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo, and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.)

Timeless Fashion Looks: Stripes

By Elma B.

As you know by now, I am a big fan of timeless fashion--the style that no matter what the decade, you can sport the look and always seem chic and debonair. One such pattern that has caught my eye are the stripes--from the cultural icons like James Dean in the '50s and Brigitte Bardot in the beaches of the French Riviera in the '60s to 2015, stripes have withstood the test of time. 

There are countless ways to style stripes; my personal favorite is with red or orange but for this look (see below).

Maxi Lace Dress

By Amra B.

One of my favorite types of dresses for the spring and summer is the maxi; they are easy to wear and always look flattering. Additionally, a maxi is great for dressing up or down with just a change of accessories; I wear my maxi dress to the beach with a simple flat sandal or flip-flops, and dress it up in the evening with high heel sandals and statement jewelry. 

Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

Elma B.

Now that spring has officially arrived, I am more than excited to shed the winter layers and show you my fresh spring looks. In this post, I wanted to share with you some of the latest Spring 2015 fashion trends and provide you with some style tips for this season.

Spring 2015: What's Trending in Fashion

Your Style Guide on How to Match Colors for SS15

By Elma B.

Fairly recently, I have been paying attention the color coordinations in various fashion shops like Intermix, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdales to better understand how to match colors. I noticed that in Intermix (on the Upper East Side in New York City), there was a flow to the colors that were paired together; it was playful, fun and even artistic. Thus, I wanted to share with you how to stylishly match colors this spring and summer.

Your Style Guide on How to Match Colors for SS15:

Golden Strappy Sandals

By Amra B. 

With the summer around the corner, and spring already here, I have been on the hunt for the perfect flat strappy sandals. I wanted something that is comfortable, practical to carry in the bag and change into while out and about, and classically stylish enough that it can be combined with almost anything in my wardrobe. I found the answer in my new golden Bessie sandals; they are the kind of shoes I don’t want to take off despite the early chilly spring temperatures in New York. 

Studded Sandals

Amra B. 

To commemorate the first warm day of this spring, I reached out from my studded sandals I had stored away last fall. Although, the weather was still not nearly as warm as it should have been, I thought that visiting the MET (Metropolitan Art Museum) would be the perfect occasion to wear some pretty footwear. I had missed the feeling of dresses with bare legs, and having the “fancy footwear” made me feel just like one of the characters from Gossip Girl; who could forget the daily school lunches on the steps of MET while deciding who was the ultimate school “queen?”

Style Tips: Winter to Spring Transition Pieces

By Elma B.

This weekend was the first time in a long time that it was truly warm (in the 60sF, about 17C) so I took the opportunity to wear sandals. I still stuck to a cozy and warm cashmere sweater. To complete the spring look, I wore white pants and white sunnies. Complete outfit details below...

Charlie Chaplin: My Style Icon

By Elma B.

I have always been a huge fan of the the Charlie Chaplin era, particularly the style from his iconic films The Tramp (1915) and The Modern Times (1936). The legendary films were dominated by wide legged pants and bowler hats. I added my own modern twist to the look by including these wide legged overalls with polkadots; white sneakers, all the rage this season; and a simple white tank top. (Outfit details below...)

My Style Inspiration: Charlie Chaplin

5 Wardrobe Tips for Winter to Spring Transition

By Elma B.

Recently, it came to my attention that it can be difficult to dress for the spring transitioning period because while wanting to shed the winter layers and adopt the spring colors, you still want to keep cozy and warm. Thus, I wanted to provide you with 5 wardrobe tips for winter to spring transition.

5 Wardrobe Tips for Winter to Spring Transition   

Bowler Hat

Amra B. 

I am a big believer that a hat can make even the dullest outfit instantly more interesting. I own many hats and usually like to wear the floppy bohemian kind; however, I feel that this recently purchased bowler hat is a great (fresh) approach to my otherwise constant choice of bohemian accessories. 

Spring 2015 Fashion Trends: Boho Care-Free

By Elma B.

As a sequel to my previous post on style tips for the music festival season, this look was also inspired by the bohemian and care-free vibes. I wore a gold dress (inspired by... 

My Daily Dose of Inspiration: 

Street Style Tips for Coachella 2015

By Elma B.

Although I have never been to Coachella, I have been observing over the years the fun, flirty and illustrious street style of many of the festival's music goers. I even saw that the style in many high street shops was inspired by Coachella. Thus, as the festival fast approaches, I wanted to share my style tips for this fun and bohemian music festival. 

Style Tips for Coachella 2015

Me: Outfit Inspired by Coachella 

Ripped Jeans

By Amra B. 

Spring has finally arrived to NYC, or so it seems, and I am finally able to shed all the layers and enjoy the feeling of a simple combination of jeans and a cotton shirt. One of my favorite spring pieces is the ripped cotton jean; I wear them most often probably due to their power to make me look and feel great at the same time (rare occurrence in the fashion world indeed). 

My Travel Diaries: What to Expect in Jamaica

By Elma B.

As I mentioned to you in my previous blog post, I want to share with you what to expect when in Jamaica. I know that summer is coming-up and that many of you are planning your ultimate summer getaway. So, if the Caribbean, and Jamaica are on your mind, here is what to expect...

Before the storm on the white sand beaches in Negril

Denim Dress

Amra B. 

I have always been a huge fan of denim, but what has particularly caught my eye for spring 2015 are the denim dresses. Dressy yet laidback, denim dresses are super easy to wear and can be combined with almost anything in my wardrobe. They look great with blazers, sweaters, coats, and leather jackets (see below). 

SS15 Fashion Trend: High Necklines

By Elma B.

Buttoned-up high-collared looks dominated the runways this spring season, and turtle neck dresses were all the hype on countless of catwalks, including Prada. While this look is atypical for the Spring season, high necklines are surprisingly manageable to wear during the warm weather. Take a look how I styled the high neckline look in Negril (Jamaica) below:

Sunsets in the Caribbean

By Elma B.

One of the most beautiful times on the islands of the Caribbean is watching the sun drop below the ocean's horizon. I wanted to share with you this spectacular moment. I suggest waiting on the beach with your cameras to capture this awe inspiring moment, like I did with countless of other island's visitors. As you can see below, I was on a lagoon, so I could capture Jamaica's greenery and dazzling emerald waters.  

Navy Blue Dress

By Amra B. 

Maybe it is the fact that its sunny outside, or that the calendar date has officially struck “SPRING,” but I simply could not wait to show off some of the spring pieces I acquired recently. Yes, it may be a tad bit cold in NYC to wear a mini dresses, but for the sake of this shoot, and the sunshine outside, I decided to pretend that spring had finally arrived and parade my navy blue dress with no tights and all. 

SS15 Fashion Trend: Sporty Minimalism

By Elma B.

As I have written in my previous posts, minimalism has been dominating the runways and high street shops for the Spring and Summer fashion trends. What I enjoy even more than minimalism is the laid back sporty look. It is not only chic but comfortable and breezy, perfect for the warm spring and hot summer days ahead. 

How to Style the Sporty Minimalist Look:

Spring in Paris

By Amra B. 
Photos Théophile Cormillot

There is nothing like spring in Paris, and I made sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather to go sight see with my little cousin. Our day started near Louvre, where we met and grabbed a bite to eat in one of the nearby restaurants with the best view of the museum. My friend, Théophile, joined us and was kind enough to share some hidden gems only locals knew about. Théophile, is an art and museum buff, and shares many of the most beautiful secret spots across France on his Instagram.

Treasures of the Caribbean: Jamaica

By Elma B.

Having recently had the pleasure of traveling to Jamaica, I wanted to share with you some travel tips in case you make it to this majestic part of the Caribbean, where the waters are emerald blue and the beaches are covered with soft white sand. All about Jamaican life, my personal travel story...

Teatime in Paris

By Amra B. 

Paris was absolutely perfect; I got to spend time with people I love, enjoy amazing food, visit some of the best museums in the world, and enjoy the loveliest cup of tea in hotel Le Bristol. My friend Théophile took me to this wonderful spot that resembles the interior décor of Versai; there is beautiful art, lovely white marble floors, and a piano that plays for guests while the are enjoy tea from the prettiest porcelain cups.

Style Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know for SS15

By Elma B.

From beach waves to sun kissed tans, I always admired the casually beautiful beach look. With the relaxing beats of reggae music and the sound of the waves subtly hitting the shore, the the Jamaican life inspires the effortlessly beautiful beach look. I wanted to provide you with style tips for this warm season, whether you are laying out on the beach or roaming around the blistering hot streets of New York City...

Style Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know for SS15:

Spring/Summer Fashion Trend: Gingham

By Elma B.

I am a huge fan of the lighthearted and romantic Old Hollywood era of '50s and '60s, and thus I was thoroughly delighted to see gingham all over the Spring 2015 runways. In fact, my entire beachy gingham look was inspired by the South of France native Brigitte Bardot, and her white linen check dress worn on her wedding day in Paris. Of course, I adapted the look to the modern 21st century woman whom demands something chic and elegant for everyday. 

Below, you will see I picked out a gingham loose fitting dress, white huge sunglasses (inspired by Audrey Hepburn's Oliver Goldsmith white sunglasses in the 1960s classic How to Steal a Million), and all white tennis shoes. Aside from gingham, all white sneakers are all the buzz this season. I suggest snagging a pair because all white sneakers are not only comfortable but match with absolutely anything! 

Green Parka

By Amra B. 

I had the most wonderful time in Paris…Meanwhile, however, I had to shoot beautiful NYC in all its glory this morning before I officially started this week. Today, I am still feeling a little bit casual from my trip and have dressed in my green Parka and leather jacket I wore all around Paris. Although spring is almost in full bloom in France, NYC still feels cold and so I am back to layering.

Sexy Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

By Elma B.

I am currently enjoying the white sand beaches of Jamaica and its marble blue waters. The ambiance made it perfect to share with you a timeless fashion piece that is both comfortable, beautiful and a bit sexy. I am a huge fan of understated pieces with a bit of flare and that je ne sais quoi touch...and the jumpsuit embodies both. 

How to Style a Jumpsuit for Work & Play

Fashion Trends for SS15: Groovy '70s

By Elma B.

I am throughly enjoying my vacation in the Caribbean, where it is around 80F/30C while New York City is still covered in snow. I wanted to seize the moment and showcase a bit of the 1970s flare that has inspired countless of runways this season. 

How to Put Together a 1970s Inspired Look:

Fashion Secrets: Textures & Fabric Manipulation

By Elma B.

Recently, I found a magnificent board on Pinterest that is all about textures and fabric manipulation techniques used for surface creation. What I have realized about fashion is that a secret to a great ensemble is not just the design of the pieces one wears but rather it is equally about the fabrics that make-up those very pieces. So, the question begs, how does one decide which fabrics to choose when picking out wardrobe pieces?

Fashion Secrets: 

Tips on Picking Out Fabrics & Textures


How to Pull Off the Safari Look

By Elma B.

One of the timeless fashion looks that never seems to go out of style is the safari ensemble. Its creamy brown colors and soft greens make it possible for almost anyone to pull off the look. For those of you (like me) not inhabiting the exotic lands that entail the African safari, here are some styling tips on how to pull off the look... 

                African Safari--How to Pull off the Look:

Over the Knee Boots

Amra B.

As the last of winter draws out in NYC, I am taking the opportunity to wear one of my favorite pair of boots - over the knee flat boots. They are one of the most practical boots I own as I can dress them up and dress them down while staying perfectly comfortable. I particularly love wearing them with mini dresses and love how they show off just the right amount of skin in winter.

Closet Essentials for the Spring

By Elma B.

As the snow refuses to melt and keeps pouring here in New York, I am yearning for the sun, warmth and the light breezy clothes. To commensurate with my light hearted mood, I put together this airy spring outfit. I must share with you that a lot of the last season's trends are here to stay.

Spring Styling Trends--Your Closet Essentials:


Spring Layered Look

By Amra B. 

Lincoln center is one of the most beautiful places in New York City and I often go there for coffee or lunch. This is also the place where New York City Fashion Week is held, and after visiting this place one may not be the least bit surprised; there is beautiful architecture, art, and restaurants.  If you are into great independent movies as I am, there is a cinema dedicate only to award winning foreign, old Hollywood, and latest American independent movies. 

East Coast Style-New York City

By Elma B.

Previously, we wrote a post on the East Coast v. West Coast style so I wanted to take it further by giving you an inside scoop on the East Coast style since I am living in New York City. 


Which Is Your Favorite Fashion City: New York, Paris or London?

By Elma B.

I have been living in New York City for about a year now, and the city is incredible, full of energy and young ambitious individuals. I wanted to talk about the style specific to this city because the fashion scene here has its own unique imprint in comparison to London and Paris (both cities which I have had the privilege of inhabiting). 

New York, London, or Paris--
Which is Your Favorite Fashion Mecca? 

The fashionistas are definitely not as bold in their everyday fashion choices as they are in London. New York is more subdued than London; in London, I saw the edgiest pieces on Oxford Street and in Camden. Here, even the young and upbeat crowds of Soho and Meat Packing District cannot compare. However, the Parisians are even more understated in their fashion choices than New Yorkers. The colors and the cuts in Paris have been reduced to bare minimalism. Paris may as well be synonymous with "all natural" look; it is more about how you wear the clothes than what exactly you are wearing, it's about your confidence and attitude. 

Me on a rooftop in New York City 

Modern Glamour--How to Get the Look

By Elma B.

I am a huge fan of elegance and glamour, and believe that you do not have to show a lot of skin to feel and be beautiful. While I am a fan of the Old Hollywood glamour, I realize a modern adaptation is necessary as we do not live in the golden age of Hollywood. Below are some styling tips on how to look (and feel) fabulous and glamorous...

Tips: How to be a Modern Day Glamazon 


Pink Purse

By Amra B. 

I am eager for spring to arrive and have already started searching for spring pieces. Lately, I am into everything neutral and items that you can wear many times over. I am also becoming a big fan of lighter colors and am trying to leave my black-on-black wardrobe habits for more brighter spring pieces. The white overalls I wore below are my new obsession and I have been wearing them almost every day since I got them. Stretchy-soft-cotton is something I insist on now; natural fabrics should not be a luxury but instead a necessity. I also felt compelled to change my hair color; it is now brown with ashy highlights (I know you can't see it that well on the photos below, but I promise to post more photos later so stay tuned). I suppose that this is an overall season of change for me, but than again, isn't that what spring is all about? 

Outfit: H&M overalls, BCBG vest, Tibi coat, Longchamp purse, Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses, Zara shoes 

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends--What's Coming

By Elma B.

I have been freezing in New York City, and we are more than ready for Spring! And there is no better time to clean out your wardrobe and purchase a few new fashion pieces than in Spring. So, before rushing into the store and making (yet another) careless purchase, you should consider not only what is trending but also what fashion pieces you will get the most milage out of. Thus, I wanted to keep you in the trend loop and give you some timeless style tips for the Spring season...

Everyday Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

1. Minimalism. Simple cuts and toned down colors are the aesthetic trend right now. Think Mary Kate's and Ashley Olsen's The Row. In another words, less is more.  

Pearls on Pearls

By Amra B. 

There is something about pearls that even a boho-style loving girl like me can’t ignore: they are timeless, elegant, and chic. They work well with almost anything in my wardrobe and have the power to make me feel effortlessly beautiful. My new Pure Pearls come in lovely assortment of colors and shapes, and I specially love the dramatic effect of layering them over each other. 

I am huge fan of combining unexpected pieces together, and so I paired up pearls with a sportier jumpsuit and sneakers. I love the idea of wearing dressy items with casual ones, and I like to use otherwise classic pieces to create a more downtown-street-style effect. I topped my outfit with a beaded pearl blazer and a classic black boho hat. 

Below are some of my tips on how to wear pearls: 

Yellow Coat

By Amra B. 

I am eagerly awaiting spring and have been taking photos without much thought for the cold outside. Often, I skip tights and wear dresses with bare legs; please note that I would not advise this for every day. However, for special events or shoots, I love to combine boots and dresses alone.  

In spring, I find myself gravitating towards brighter colors and I love to layer wool or trench coats over dresses instead of the bulky jackets. The effortless look and feel of a flat boot has been very appealing lately and I sometimes incorporate them into my outfit even for a night out. 

Thick Sweaters and Skirts

By Amra B.

It has been very cold in New York City and my staple piece has become a thick sweater and an oversized coat. In an effort to maintain some chic in my wardrobe, I started combining thick sweaters with skirts and over the knee boots. I love the mixture of casual and dressy pieces, and I adore this skirt that reveals just a little bit of lace. 

Below are some tips on how to wear this combination: 

My Top Shopping Secrets

By Elma B.

Had you asked me a few years ago about my shopping habits, it probably would have been something like "shop until you drop." As I have grown older (I am in my late twenties), I would steer you into the direction of quality v. quantity. Basically, unless you will wear a piece over 100 times, do not purchase it. So, what would I advise you in terms of the best shopping "practices?" 

My Top Shopping Secrets

Valentine's Day Inspiration

By Amra B. 

With the Valentine's Day approaching, I have been busy trying to find a perfect gift (and a matching outfit to go along). It might sound cliché, but some of my most romantic moments occurred on Valentine's Day; this is when I had my first real “grown up” date as a teenager, received my first piece of real jewelry, and went on a first dinner date with my then boyfriend. Also, this is a holiday that celebrates love; no matter if you are single or not, we all need a little extra attention (love) once in a while. 

Below I have complied a list of my favorite Valentine's Day activities and gift ideas. If you are single, worry not - there are plenty of suggestions on how to perfectly enjoy this holiday SOLO! 

The Best Philosophy: Live and Let Live

By Elma B.

Last week I had the opportunity to get away from the city and visit the rolling countryside in the Midwest. I was in a much needed getaway to clear my mind and inhale that fresh perspective on my everyday life. One of the nuggets of wisdom I came across was the proverb "live and let live." It signified for me to let go of judgment, drown out the noise from others and confidently follow my own path. 

It was never my place to pass judgment but rather to enjoy life's pleasures and opportunities. Whatever path you chose, I suggest just that you listen to your inner voice and drown out the noise that surrounds you. In another words, focus on yourself, and do not spend your energy on passing judgment. Be tolerant. Recognize that each person has wisdom of their own to share.
In the process of following your own path, do not forget to take those much needed getaway vacations to clear your head and inhale some fresh air. Until next time, stay radiant and beautiful, xo from New York!


Gray Coat

By Amra B.

It has been quite cold and gray in NYC, and I feel like my mood has been matching the gloomy skies above me. I tend to dress on the basis of how I feel, and so subconsciously (or consciously), I reached out for a grey ensemble. I love to layer clothes in winter, and this gray coat is perfect for layering; it is not thick enough to shield me against the cold temperatures when worn on its own. I included my favorite type of print underneath, a plaid shirt, and a pair of black jeans. Recently, I have also been reaching out for my favorite booties; they are ideal for long walks around the city.

Mini Dress

Amra B.

One of my favorite combinations to wear is a mini dress with flat boots. This look is timeless and it is as easy as jeans and a t-shirt.  I own many mini dresses, but especially like casual ones I can wear during the day. The striped dress below also doubles as an oversized shirt over the jeans on days I feel I need a little more layering. I also like the easiness of the flat boot and especially adore ones with a little rock n’ roll vibe; I have owned these boots for several years and feel like they just get better with age.

White Coat

By Amra B.

I was usually not the one to experiment with color in winter; black is my staple color during this season, and as the saying goes, “it is my happy color.” However, recently I discovered this beautiful-white-sweater coat, and had to try and incorporate it into my wardrobe. It was an instant success: I quickly realized that white perfectly suits everything I own. I also realized how amazingly fresh it looked in comparison to the sea of black and grays around me.

How to Get the Boho Chic Look

By Elma B.

Origins of the Boho-Chic Look: Secret Brotherhood 

Although Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen were the pioneers of the modern day boho-chic look, the bohemian style dates as far back as mid 1800s to a brotherhood of English painters, poets, and critics (known as the Pre-Raphaelites), and of course the gypsies inhabiting Spain and Morocco. The boho-chic look reached its peak in the 1960s with the hippie psychedelia and the make love and not war mindset. Overall, bohemian fashion encapsulates the nomadic, non-bourgeois, and the free-spirited lifestyle.  

Although some say that the boho-chic look drifts in and out of fashion, I agree with journalist Bob Stanley that "the late 1960s are never entirely out of fashion, they just need a fresh angle to make it de jour." The carefree boho look has withstood many centuries and has made its colorful imprint on the fashion world. 

How to Get the Boho-Chic Look: 



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